What is CSS….

Invented in 1997, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are just now starting to be widely used among browsers and Web developers are learning to be more comfortable with them. Those of you who use HomeSite 4.0 know that they are eventually going to take the place of tags such as <FONT>, which have been deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a way to design a website, or a group of websites, so that they have a consistent look and feel, and so that their look and feel is easy to change. By using CSS to design a website, the web developer gains a greater degree of control over how the site appears.

The main advantage of CSS over presentational HTML markup is that the styling can be kept entirely separate from the content. For example, it’s possible to store all the presentational styles for a 10,000-page web site in a single CSS file. CSS also provides far better control over presentation than do presentational element types in HTML.

A web developer can use a CSS file to control the look of a website in three main ways. The first way is called inline, referring to the fact that the CSS code is placed right into the line of the website code. For example, a web developer might want to make a particular sentence appear in bold, red type so that it stands out. She could use CSS to set the style of that sentence to bold and red using inline CSS. The benefit of inline CSS is that it allows a quick and easy change to a particular part of a web page.

The complete syntax for a style rule is:

selector {property : value;}

For example…

b {color: red;}

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