Image processing…..

Image processing is a physical process used to convert an imagesignal into a physical image. The image signal can be either digital or analog. The actual output itself can be an actual physical imageor the characteristics of an image.

The analysis of a picture using techniques that can identify shades, colors and relationships that cannot be perceived by the human eye. Image processing is used to solve identification problems, such as in forensic medicine or in creating weather maps from satellite pictures. It deals with images in bitmapped graphics format that have been scanned in or captured with digital cameras.

Image Processing Toolbox™ software provides a comprehensive set of reference-standard algorithms and graphical tools for image processing, analysis, visualization, and algorithm development. You can restore noisy or degraded images, enhance images for improved intelligibility, extract features, analyze shapes and textures, and register two images. Most toolbox functions are written in the open MATLAB® language, giving you the ability to inspect the algorithms, modify the source code, and create your own custom functions.

The financial constraints had a serious impact on the depth and breadth of technology development that could be done. By the 1970s, computing equipment costs had dropped substantially making digital image processing more realistic. Film and software companies invested significant funds into the development and enhancement of image processing, creating a new industry.

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