Speed Up Your PC By Removing Error………

1. Get the most out of your hard drive by defragmenting files so they can be read and written faster. This will help maximize application response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance.

2. Defragment and compact your registry by getting rid of its fragmentation, unused spaces and structural defects. You’ll use less memory and optimize your registry’s speed. A detailed report is available as well once defragmentation is complete.

3. Customize over 280 settings in your Windows, web browsers, email clients and IM software. All settings come with clear descriptions of their respective functions, as well as a tweak rating which lets you know just how much or little changing the particular setting will affect your system’s speed and performance.

4. See which programs are installed on your computer and remove the ones you no longer want or need. Launch PC Tuneup’s uninstall wizard and remove the unwanted application with a quick uninstall or delete it from your registry for good.

5. Deleted files or folders can be easily restored with data recovery software, which means sensitive information you thought was gone forever can be accessed by prying eyes. With PC Tuneup, however, you can delete files, folders, and Recycle Bin contents once and for all.

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