What is Android………..

  • Android is a mobile phone platform for smartphones.
  • You can download over 30,000 apps straight to your phone.
  • Android phones integrate seamlessly with social networks, allowing you to keep track of all your friends from one place.
  • You can do powerful tasks like uploading video to youtube, finding locations using GPS and synching your email and contacts.
  • Plus, you can depend on Vodafone’s outstanding network to deliver an Android™ smartphone experience that’s out of this world.

Android was built on the basis of developing applications that could make your mobile phone act like a mini PC, encouraging you to perform multimedia activities, without much of a hassle. Android is built on the open Linux Kernel and it integrates in itself a virtual machine that merges memory and hardware resources in a cell phone.

Popular Android applications are live video facilities, spreadsheets, pdf applications, music downloads, WiFi systems, Facebook, news reader, games, Amazon.com, internet radio and many other apps. Cellular companies that have signed deals for using Android OS in their cell phones inlcude Motorola, Nvidia, Samsung Electronics and T-Mobile. In the next few years, Android will be having a war with Apple’s iPhonesand in the mean while users will again face multiple options, suiting everyone’s style.



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