Characteristics of c++…….

1. C++ provides various types of tokes that include keywords, identifiers, constant, strings, and operators.
2. Identifiers refer to the names of the variables, functions, arrays, and classes etc.
3. C++ provides an additional use of void, for declaration of generic pointers.
4. The enumerated data types differ slightly in C++. The tag names of the enumerated data types become new type names. That is, we can declare new variable using these tag names.
5. In C++ the size of character array should be one larger than the umber of character in the string.
6. C++ adds the concept of constant pointer and pointer to constant. In case of constant pointer we cannot modify the address that the pointer is initialized to. In case of pointer to a constant, contents of what it points to cannot be changed.
7. Pointers are widely used in C++ for memory management and to achieve polymorphism.
8. C++ provides a qualifier called const to declare named constants which are just like variables except that their values cannot be changed. A const modifier defaults to an int.
9. C++ is very strict regarding type checking of variables. It does not allow to equate variables of two different data types. The only way to break this rule is type casting.
10. C++ allows us to declare a variable anywhere in the program, as also its initialization at run time, using the expressions at the place of declaration. etc.


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