Turn off thumbs.db in Windows 7……….

Type into the Windows 7 start menu’s search box (or into the Run dialog after pressing Windows Key + R), “gpedit.msc” and press Enter. This runs the “Local Group Policy Editor”, a tool which can be used to control many of Windows features and options.

Expand on the left the following:

  • User Configuration
  • Administrative Templates
  • Windows Components

You should see something like this:

Scroll down in that left pane, and click on Windows Explorer:

If you look closely you can already see where we’re headed.

I’ll make that right pane a little bigger and you’ll see the setting we want:

You can see that here it’s set to “not configured”, which means that it’ll take on the default setting, which is to cache thumbnails.

Double click on the item and you’ll get a (large) dialog in which to change the setting:

Click on Enabled, then click on OK to make the change we want.

Windows 7 Local Group Policy Editor showing the changed cache setting


Yes, enabled.

This is one of those weird double-negative-like things:

  • The option is to turn off thumbnails.
  • We want that option enabled.

It’s tempting to go spelunking here in the policy editor, and in all honesty that’s a fine thing to do – as long as you look but don’t touch. There are settings here that can have unintended consequences. If you elect to make additional changes here just make sure you know what you’re doing first.



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