What is Thumbs.db………

Thumbs.db is a cache file created by Windows Explorer when you view a folder in any of it’s “icons” view. It’s often a hidden file so you may not always see it unless you have the “view hidden files” option enabled.

The idea is that when the icons are created for you to view they’re saved, so that the next time you view the same folder Windows Explorer no longer has to actually create thumbnails – it can just pick them up from the cache. It’s a classic space/speed trade-off. For the cost of a little disk space, Windows Explorer can display things a little quicker.

Personally, I never use icon view in Windows Explorer. On those occasions where it accidentally happens, I don’t really want Windows Explorer to create the thumbs.db files. I don’t really care if Windows Explorer is going to be a little slower; I care more that my hard disk is not littered with these files.

Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off.




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