Creating a Array in PHP………

The array() language constructor is used to create an array in PHP.
Look at the syntax below:
array( [key =>] value
, …
// The key may be either an integer or a string
//The value is any reusable value
Let’s see how we can create an array by using the array() func-
$countries = array (“INDIA”, “PAKISTAN”, “JAPAN”)
Here we can access the second element by using
the index “1”. Let’s see:
echo “$country[1]”;
The output of this program is:
Now let’s see how we can create an array by using an array
$countries[] = “INDIA”;
$countries[] = “PAKISTAN”;
$countries[] = “JAPAN”;
Here, the values are inserted in the same order as the earlier
one. Using the index number, we can place the data as per our
requirement. You can insert these index numbers inside the
square brackets. Look at the following code:
$countries[1] = “PAKISTAN”;
$countries[2] = “JAPAN”;
$countries[0] = “INDIA”;
Example 1:
$learn = array(foo => “I am learning how to cre-
ate an array”, 12 => true);
echo $learn[foo]; // I am learning how to create
an array
echo $learn[12]; // Unit 01



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