What is a Microcontroller………

A Microcontroller is a Microcomputer in a single Chip. That means that amicrocontroller chip includes a microprocessor (CPU) as well as some often usedperipherals. A controller is used to control (makes sense!) some process or aspectof the environment. A typical microcontroller application is the monitoring of myhouse. As the temperature rises, the controller causes the windows to open. If thetemperature goes above a certain threshold, the air conditioner is activated.As the process of miniaturization continued, all of the components needed for acontroller were built right onto one chip. A one chip computer, or microcontrollerwas born. A microcontroller is a highly integrated chip which includes, on one chip,all or most of the parts needed for a controller. The microcontroller could be called a”one-chip solution”. It typically includes:

·  CPU (central processing unit or the microprocessor)

·  EPROM/PROM/ROM (Read Only Memory for the program code)

·  RAM (Random Access Memory for the data)

·  I/O (input/output) devices (serial, parallel, ADC, DAC etc.)

·  Timers·  Interrupt controller

By only including the features specific to the task (control), cost is relatively low. Atypical microcontroller has bit manipulation instructions, easy and direct access toI/O (input/output), and quick and efficient interrupt processing. Microcontrollers area “one-chip solution” which drastically reduces parts count and design costs.

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  1. The from an 8742 an 8-bit microcontroller that includes a running at 12 MHz 128 bytes of 2048 bytes of and in the same chip. Program memory in the form of or is also often included on chip as well as a typically small amount of . Microcontroller programs must fit in the available on-chip program memory since it would be costly to provide a system with external expandable memory.

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