General packet radio services (GPRS)……….

It is a modification to the GSM standard thatallows one to access the internet whilst on the move. It allowsfor speeds as high as 114 kbps. The introduction of GPRS tothe GSM standard allowedusers to use the followingapplications:

Multimedia messagingservice (MMS): an extensionto the SMS service that allowstransfer of pictures, video andaudio as messages.

Push to talk (PTT): afeature that allows the user touse the phone like a two wayradio, pressing a button to beimmediately connected to aclosed group of people.

WAP: abbreviationfor wireless applicationprotocol, this feature allowsapplications on the mobilephone to connect to theinternet.

Email: runs on WAP.With the introduction ofGPRS, GSM is considered tohave become a 2.5G standard.

In 1999, the GSM standard was modified to include EDGE(enhanced data rates for GSM evolution). By 2003, providershad started implementing EDGE. EDGE is a technologybackward compatible to GPRS. It allows for transfer rates ashigh as 1 Mbps.

With these improvements on GSM and equivalent ones inCDMA, mobile technology continues to improve. Today, bothGSM and CDMA are threatened by 3G services such as UMTS.Steps have been taken towards even the next generation, namely4G. Let us take a look at these.



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