The future of Bluetooth………..

So how can you use Bluetooth? Bluetooth can be used in thefollowing ways…..

  • All computer peripherals are wireless – wireless mouse,joystick, keyboard, modem.¦ Your digital camera is synced wirelessly with the computer.
  • The mobile phone is Bluetooth enabled allowing you toaccess your computer for information, sync with the digitalcamera for transferring pictures. Access your phone bookvia Bluetooth.
  • Access the internet wirelessly by syncing your laptop toyour modem in another room.
  • The lights in your room, you TV, your a/c – can all besynced together, with one remote allowing you control ofyour household environment.
  • Imagine an “intelligent house” with everything in yourcontrol at the touch of one remote control – enabled withBluetooth. That is the future.
  • Cars are also becoming increasingly reliant on Bluetoothtechnology.
  • The future of Bluetooth may include heavy reliance onBluetooth technology for mobile commerce as well. Payingat a ticket counter, the line at your store, a pay-and-park? Allare possible using Bluetooth.
  • A few more initiatives are being undertaken to transferpower wirelessly – something many people believed wasimpossible. Once that is accomplished, you be able tocharge your mobile phone wirelessly!
  • Today, Bluetooth has been able to combine with Wi-Fitechnology as part of the Bluetooth 3.0 specification. Itcan access 3G and WiMax networks. The short range of<10 metres is also increasing. Better telephony, betterconnectivity, better communication.
  • Bluetooth allows new age technology to sync. Recent newsreports show how the Apple iPhone and the Nintendo Wiican now be linked together using Bluetooth. So talk, game,communicate, share pictures and connect to the internet. All simultaneously, with Bluetooth being the bridge that linksthem all.
  • The Bluetooth SIG is also promoting UWB, or ultrawideband, which will allow faster access and higher datatransmission rates.
  • The Bluetooth Low Energy Technology has great potentialin micro-sensors.

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  1. Simply, one of the best article l have come across on this precious subject. I quite agree with your suppositions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates.

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