The Visual Studio.Net IDE………..

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is the successor of Visual Studio 6. It eases the development process of the .Net Applications (VC#.Net, VB.Net, VC++.Net, JScript.Net, J#.Net, ASP.Net, and more). The revolutionary approach in this new improved version is that for all the Visual Studio.Net Compliant Languages use the same IDE, debugger, project and solution explorer, class view, properties tab, tool box, standard menu and toolbars. The key features of Visual Studio.Net include: The IDE provides various useful development tools such as:

• Keyword and syntax highlighting.

• Intellisense (auto complete), which helps by automatically completing the syntax as you type a dot (.)with objects, enumerations, namespaces and when you use the “New” keyword.

• Project and solution management with solution explorer that helps to manage applications consisting of multiple files.

• Help building user interface with simple drag and drop support.

• Properties tab that allow you to set different properties for multiple windows and web controls.

• Standard debugger that allows you to debug your program using putting break points for observing run-time behavior.

• Hot compiler that checks the syntax of your code as you type it and error notification.

• Dynamic Help on a number of topics using the Microsoft Development Network (MSDN) library.

• Compiling and building applications.

• Program Execution with or without the debugger.

• Deploying your .Net application over the Internet or to disk.



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