Properties in C#……………

This article is designed to further your knowledge about properties in the C# language. Read how Rajesh uses get and set methods to access these properties.

In C#, properties are nothing but natural extension of data fields. They are usually known as ‘smart fields’ in C# community. We know that data encapsulation and hiding are the two fundamental characteristics of any object oriented programming language. In C#, data encapsulation is possible through either classes or structures. By using various access modifiers like private, public, protected, internal etc it is possible to control the accessibility of the class members.

Usually inside a class, we declare a data field as private and will provide a set of public SET and GET methods to access the data fields. This is a good programming practice, since the data fields are not directly accessible out side the class. We must use the set/get methods to access the data fields.

The complete program is shown below. :

class MyClass
private int x;
public int X
return x;
x = value;
class MyClient
public static void Main()
MyClass mc = new MyClass();
mc.X = 10;
int xVal = mc.X;
Console.WriteLine(xVal);//Displays 10




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