Windows Phone 7 vs. Android 2.2

Windows Phone 7 is a pretty OS with slick animations and fast performance. There are someissues that bug me about the operating system though and these include:

  • No multi-tasking, results in lots of reloading…
  • No cut, copy, and paste
  • No custom ringtone capability
  • Limited customizability on Start screen
  • Lack of some key apps (Evernote, Kindle or Nook, and podcatcher)
  • Office apps are pretty limited in terms of what you can do from the phone
  • Inconsistency in auto rotation (especially lame with kickstand and then Zune always in portrait mode)
  • Lock into Zune software for PC connections (no drive or file access)
  • Lack of tethering support
  • Lack of ability to capture screenshots

Many of these can be fixed with software updates (Microsoft already stated cut, copy, and past will indeed be fixed with an update very soon) and some with application releases. I am a huge podcast fan and would love to see Microsoft add support for discovering and downloading podcasts through the Zune integration. However, the true multi-tasking seen on the Android platform may never come to this platform and I don’t think Windows Phone 7 will ever be as customizable as Android.

Some of the pros of Windows Phone 7 over Android 2.2 include:

  • Slick and consistent UI (in terms of menus)
  • Decent app selection at launch (Netflix, Slacker, Slingplayer, Shazam, USAA, Endomondo, Xbox LIVE games)
  • Zune integration rocks and is good for downloading and streaming music
  • Facebook integration is good
  • Very stable
  • Superb Exchange support, including multiple Exchange account support

Some things I love about the Android OS on the MT4G include:

  • True multi-tasking where apps can be running at the same time as other apps
  • Customizability of the home screen and panels
  • Excellent application selection in the Android Market
  • Google services integration with Voice, Listen, Search, Gmail, and Maps
  • Full access to the directory structure on the device
  • Excellent Exchange integration with slick view options (conversation, faves, attachments)
  • Awesome mobile web browser with best text reflow support compared to ANY other platform
  • Google Maps Navigation service that is tough to beat and has proven to be reliable
  • WiFi Hotspot tethering capability
  • Widgets for things such as wireless connection management
  • Swype text entry keyboard

Cons of Android on the MT4G for me include:

  • Limited quality gaming
  • Repeated contact indexing with the Genius button
  • Lack of content sources for media (music and video)



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