Advantages of Windows Home Server………..

  • Cures and prevents performance-robbing fragmentation before it happens.

Diskeeper with IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology is the only solution that cures and prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation every system suffers from. It intelligently writes files all lined up side-by-side so system resources are not wasted by creating fragmentation. The results? Your home server runs faster than you every thought possible.

  • Optimizes your home server for 100% performance 24/7.

Diskeeper 2011 includes the new “just in time” Instant Defrag™ engine to eliminate any fragmentation that wasn’t prevented instantly – within seconds or milliseconds of occurring.

  • Provides unlimited defrag capacity.

Terabyte Volume Engine® technology is essential for home servers — it is capable of handling the biggest defrag jobs with unlimited volume sizes fast and thoroughly.

  • Maximizes free space.

The new free space consolidation engine in Diskeeper 2011 works efficiently to perform enough consolidation so that file fragmentation can be eliminated. It consolidates about 90% of free space into less than a dozen large free space chunks, improving file write performance significantly.

  • Significantly reduces I/O activities.

The new Efficient Mode uses advanced algorithms to maximize performance while eliminating disk I/O activity by prioritizing which files, folders and free space should be defragmented in order to improve your computing experience. Maximum performance from minimal effort!

  • Tracks your savings. New

New performance report tracks PC improvements from installation forward, so it’s even easier to quantify the benefits of running Diskeeper. It’s now easier than ever to see the major improvements to your system including I/Os saved, read and write access time improvements and how much fragmentation was prevented and eliminated.

  • Extends the productive life of your home server by up to 3 years.

Extend your home server life by an additional 1-3 years, saving you substantial hardware upgrade and replacement costs.



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