Difference Between Data Hiding and Data Encapsulation…….

Data encapsulation is the process of combining and assembling elements in order to create a new entity and the wrapping of private data into a class. The encapsulation involves implementation concerning the data and the method. Data with internal methods are secured into a capsule while the methods are used to access the data inside it. In this manner, the assembly and grouping of all data and requirements inside a capsule makes it independent for an object to function together.

Data hiding has many uses which include:Security purposes and data protection from data misuse and unauthorized access. Utilizing changing functions to move with difficulty from the outside.Hiding the data unauthorized access or use from suspicious users, especially computer hackers who try to manipulate sensitive data or the program.Hiding the physical storage layout for the data.The programmer can avoid linking to incorrect data. If a programmer does link to the said data, the program will return an error to protect the content.



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