Cloud Computing at a Higher Level……………….

        In many ways, cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the Internet, the increasing movement of compute and data resources onto the Web. But there’s a difference: cloud computing represents a new tipping point for the value of network computing. It delivers higher efficiency, massive scalability, and faster, easier software development. It’s about new programming models, new IT infrastructure, and the enabling of new business models.

Sun is developing critical technologies to deliver enterprise scale and systemic qualities to this new paradigm:

Interoperability — While most current clouds offer closed platforms and vendor lock-in, developers clamor for interoperability. Sun’s open-source product strategy and Java™ principles are focused on providing interoperability for large-scale computing resources. Think of the existing cloud “islands” merging into a new, interoperable “Intercloud” where applications can be moved to and operate across multiple platforms.

High-density horizontal computing — Sun is pioneering high-power-density compute-node architectures and extreme-scale Infiniband fabrics as part of our top-tier HPC deployments. This high-density technology is being incorporated into our large-scale cloud designs.

Data in the cloud — More than just compute utilities, cloud computing is increasingly about petascale data. Sun’s Open Storage products offer hybrid data servers with unprecedented efficiency and performance for the emerging data-intensive computing applications that will become a key part of the cloud.

These technology bets are focused on driving more efficient large-scale cloud deployments that can provide the infrastructure for next-generation business opportunities: social networks, algorithmic trading, continuous risk analysis, and so on.



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