CSS Tools…….

Expression Web provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to create, apply, and manage styles and cascading style sheets. These tools include:

  • New Style and Modify Style: Design a new or existing style and preview the style’s appearance as you design it.
  • Apply Styles: Create, modify, apply, remove, or delete styles, and attach or remove an external CSS.
  • Manage Styles: Move a style from an internal CSS to an external CSS, or vice versa.
  • CSS Properties: See the styles that are used by the current selection in your Web page in order of precedence.
  • Style toolbar: Apply or remove class-based or ID-based styles, or create and apply new undefined styles.
  • CSS Reports: Generate a report of either CSS errors or CSS usage on one or more pages or within an entire site.
  • Style Application toolbar: Use the toolbar when authoring CSS in Manual style application mode.
  • IntelliSense for CSS: Increase your productivity when authoring and applying CSS in Code view.



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