Difference between DBMS & RDBMS ………

DBMS:1)In dbms no relationship concept
2)It supports Single User only
3)Constraints are not imposed at the file level. It is the programmers job to impose it at the application level.
4)It treats Data as Files internally
5)It supports few 3 rules of E.F.CODD
6)It requires low Software and Hardware Requirements.
7)FoxPro, IMS are Examples

1)It is used to establish the relationship concept between two database objects, i.e, tables
2)It supports multiple users
3) It imposes constraints at the schema level.
4)It treats data as Tables internally
5)It supports minimum more rules than DBMS
6)It requires High software and hardware requirements.
7)SQL-Server,INGRES 11, Oracle are examples



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