Advantages and disadvantages of Computer……..

Some Advantages are : communication is improved, pay bill’s online, people have access to things they would not have had before (for instance old people who cannot leave the house they can buy groceries online) Computers make life easier.

Some of the disadvantages are: scams, fraud, people not going out as much, we do not yet know the effects of computers and pregnancy or the emissions that computers make,. bad posture from sitting too long at a desk, repetitive strain injuries and the fact that most organisations expect everyone to own a computer, viruses and spyware.

mainly people benefit from it in the sense that it makes doing things a lot easier.
one is having the internet than to search in the books at the library which takes ages.
another is connecting with friends in the shortest period of waiting time.
third, is having your reports printed out than having to write it. [very beneficial for those with bad hand writing like me! lol]
pc has programs that help encoding and computing data a lot easier and faster.

people become dependent to it.
some get addicted in using it that they fail to go out and have sunlight shine on them.
a man who had habitually sit in front of a pc develop health problems like back aches and eye damage.



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