Difference Between RAM and ROM…………

RAM is a volatile memory type, which means that it loses its content once power is removed. This is the reason why it cannot replace ROM, which retains its content even when not powered. The downside of ROM is its much slower speed. Using it to replace RAM would make a computer perform very slow.

Nowadays, RAM is seen mainly as the primary memory of computers and other gadgets like smartphones and tablets. In portable gadgets, the internal memory reserved for applications is often referred to as ROM. But in computers, ROMs retains its original meaning. The chip used to hold the BIOS is a ROM as it isn’t routinely written to; but it is sometimes updated. Optical drives are also called ROMS (i.e. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM) as they do read discs that cannot be written to; but most optical drives also have the ability to write to blank discs.

ROM is used for storing programs while RAM is used by programs to hold temporary data
RAM is a type of memory that can be accessed non-sequentially while ROM is a type of memory that is only read in typical operation
ROM is non-volatile while RAM is volatile
RAM is considerably faster than ROM



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